Local Services With Big results

What does “full-service real estate company” mean at Oakstone Properties?

It means we have dedicated agents who can serve anyone who is looking for:

  • Buying real estate
  • Selling real estate
  • A new custom-built home or office
  • Relocation services (coming or going)
  • Financing information and mortgage options

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for commercial property, investment property, or residential real estate. Ask us anything. You’ll get answers to your questions and all the help you need to find just the right place for you and your lifestyle.

Oakstone agents are specially trained in their areas of expertise. And, if you need more than one service to get the results you want, you’ll get access to the agents who can help you, because we always work as a team.

That’s what happens when you work with a locally owned full-service real estate company – you get the personal touch of a local agent.

Buy or Sell a Home

whether you’re moving across the country or across town, upsizing or downsizing.

New Home Construction

when you’re ready to build your dream home and need some help navigating all the steps, from permitting to financing.

Find an Agent

Looking for someone who really gets you? Have specific needs and questions? Browse through our team members to find the right partner in your real estate search.


Moving is never easy, especially to a new city. Whether you’re an individual or you’re looking to relocate employees, call us to find out what your options are for making the move easier on everyone.

Virtual Market Analysis

Find out what your home could sell for and compare it to other homes in your area.


Play with your numbers to see what you can afford and find out what the total price of your new home could be.

Finance Your Home

Talk to our network of preferred lenders to find the best deal for you.

Open Houses

View this week’s schedule of events.

What’s Next…

Contact Us – Don’t waste time guessing. Call us, and we’ll be happy to help you figure out your best starting point.

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